Introducing the Master Calligraphers

Tsurutani Sensei
Master calligrapher Tsurutani sensei

Tsurutani sensei has been practicing Japanese calligraphy since he was an elementary school student growing up in the Nara countryside six decades ago. His talent for calligraphy became clear early on when, as a second year elementary school student, he won first prize in a prefecture-wide calligraphy competition. On graduating from University, Tsurutani sensei went to work for a bank, where his calligraphy skills were often called upon in writing signs and announcements for customers. Now retired, he still pursues the way of the brush as well as indulging in his other passions of go, shogi, and golf. He divides his time between his house near our offices and the Edo-Period family home where he was raised in Nara.

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