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Calligraphy Resources
If you are interested in Calligraphy in general or Japanese calligraphy in particular, then we are sure you will find these sites useful.
Kids Japan Resources
Great sites for kids and young people wanting to learn more about Japan. Learn about Japan and have fun too!
Japan News Resources
What is going on in Japan right now? What are the big stories? Who are the movers and shakers? Visit these Japan news sites and find out.
Japan-Related Resources
Want to know anything about Japan and you are bound to be able to find it here through these excellent sites.
Japan Travel Resources
Ever thought about traveling to the exotic Far East? If you are thinking of taking a trip to Japan, these sites will give you a great head-start with your planning.
Japan-Related Shopping and Businesses
If you are looking for a unique Japanese gift, then of course we recommend our Japanese calligraphy scrolls. If you are after kimono, Japanese tansu or a huge range of other traditional items, then have a look at these links.
Japanese Language Resources
Want to know more about Japanese? Check out these sites for even more information.
Japanese Language Learning Resources
Fancy having a go at learning Japanese. Don't know where to start? Have a look at these great learning resources.
Japanese Translators
Do you need translation to or from Japanese? Check out these Japanese translators and translation agencies.
Living in Japan Resources
See the real Japan. Working or studying here is a great way to go beneath the surface in this most fascinating of countries. Check out these sites and make sure you know before you go.
Names - Resources
Want to know what your name means? Or would you like to know how to translate your name into another language? Have a look at these websites.
Language Resources
Japanese is just one of thousands of languages spoken all over the world. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a linguist, or you are just interested in learning more about this wonderful diversity, these sites are a great place to start.
Manga and Anime Resources
Manga (Japanese comic strips) and Anime (Japanese cartoons) are gaining increasing popularity in the West. Find out what all the fuss is about through these great sites.
Kids General Resources
Want to have fun and learn something at the same time? You can't go wrong with these great sites.
Education Resources
Teachers: Are you looking for lesson plans or other materials that will stimulate and educate? See what these sites have to offer. Education Resources
Other Useful Resources
Great software and other tools used by the creators of japanese-name-translation.com.