Japan Resources

Links to Japan-related websites on the Internet. If you know a good site on this topic, please suggest it and we will review it for possible inclusion.

Daruma Magazine
Magazine focussing on Japanese art and antiques.
Discover Japan
Comprehensive directory of Japan links.
Explore Japan
Explore different aspects of Japan - lifestyle, food gardens etc.
Fred Riley's Japanese Links
Useful collection of links by Fred Riley of Hull University, UK.
Harvard Resichauer Institute
Japanese language and computing links.
Directory of Japan-related sites.
Japan - An Annotated Directory
An extensive and well-maintained directory of resources on Japan by Professor Robert Eng.
Japan File
Articles about life in Japan as well as a great set of links.
Japan, my Japan!
A guide to resources on Japan from Nagoya University professor Mitsu Matsuoka.
Japan-Japan Links
Huge resource of Japanese language links.
Directory of Japan-related links.
Japanese Kimono
Just as the title says - anything you could wish to know about ladies', children's and even men's kimono.
Japanese Reference
Massive site featuring articles, links and a forum on everything about Japan and Japanese.
Travel, news and culture information on Japan.
Jim Becker's Links
Jim Becker's huge collection of link resources.
Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks
A comprehensive and well-maintained set of links to Japan and Japanese-related materials.
Languages on the Web
Large collection of Japan and Japanese links.
Many Things - Japan Links
Great collection of some of the best Japan sites on the web.
Martial Arts
Marital arts portal site in English and Spanish.
National Association of Japan-America Societies
Umbrella organization for Japan Societies in the US.
Sheffield University East Asian Studies Department
Large link collection particularly strong on academic sites.
Stanford University Japan Guide
Directory of Japan-related websites managed by Stanford University in the US.
Stockton's Links to Japan
Music professor Larry Stockton's collection of links. Particularly useful for traditional arts.
The Foreigner - Japan
Articles and photo-essays about life in Japan and the Japanese language.
The Japan Society of Northern California
Society for Japanophiles in California with a good selection of Japan-related materials, too.
The Web Kanzaki Links
Business, News and other Japan links.
Todd Stradford's Japan Links
Excellent collection of links, particularly for regional information.
University of Lancashire
Good collection of links for Japan and China in particular.
University of Wisconsin Japanese Links
Nice collection of links on culture, history, language, media and other Japan-related subjects.
Web Japan
Gateway to information and articles about Japan on the Internet.