Japan Shopping and Businesses

Wanting to buy something Japanese? Looking for a Japan-related business? This is the place to come. If you know a good site on this topic, please suggest it and we will review it for possible inclusion.

Art of Ironware
Beautiful Japanese iron teapots, trivets and bells.
Cool East Market
Tabi (split-toed socks) for every kimono and evey occasion.
East Sea Road
Australia-based company specializing in imports from Japan and translation.
East Wind Art
Japanese fabric, clothing, collectibles and more.
Japan Hobby and Gift
Everything from dolls to samurai armor and even kanji ties availble for purchase here.
Japan Texas
Driectory of Japanese businesses operating in the US.
Kimono Place
Vintage kimono and accessories for sale. Lot of kimono-related information and a great glossary.
Kimono Source
Japanese kimono, obi and every other related accessory and information about them can be found here.
Koryu Books
Japanese martial arts and culture site with good link resources.
Kyoto Kimono
Kimonos, accessories and a wealth of information.
Fine Japanese kimono and accessories for men and women.
Mount Fuji - Japanese Food Online
Great selection of Japanese food and drink for shipping almost anywhere in Europe.
Rice Paper
Source of beautiful and durable Chinese rice paper, perfect for Japanese calligraphy.
Russ Kinzie Design Japanese Paper Lanterns
Beautiful handmade Japanese paper lanterns designed and crafted by Russ Kinzie.
Shoji Decor
Beautiful Japanese paper lamps and other creations.
Beautiful Japanese tansus (chests) and other antique items for sale.
Tatami Room
Specialists in Japanese-style decor including tatami mats, shoji screens, sliding doors etc.
The Tatami Room
Japanese kimono and related items for sale as well as interesting information on kimono and Japanese fabrics.