Japanese Language Learning Resources

Interested in learning Japanese? These sites will give you a great head-start. If you know a good site on this topic, please suggest it and we will review it for possible inclusion.

Elementary Japanese
Great elementary online Japanese learning resources in 34 lessons.
Esprit Line
Japanese study materials publisher. Sells the Gogakudo line of Japanese learning tapes.
Japanese Language Reading Tutor
Large collection of reading resources and comprehension quizzes for intermediate and advanced Japanese language students.
Japanese Weblab
Resources indexed and created by Francis Britto.
Japanese language learning resources and the famous Japanese math challenge.
Nihongo o Narau
Or "Let's Learn Japanese", has a lot of useful materials for Japanese learners.
Reading with Kanji
Series of Japanese reading exercises using kanji.
Teach Yourself Japanese
Excellent online tutorials to aid the independent learner.
Toronto Japanese Language School
Non-profit Japanese language school that started in 1949.
Japanese learning resources online since 1997.
Winghawk's Japanese language links
Great links for any learner to information on grammar, vocabulary and characters.
World Language Center
Japanese language learning and activity links.