Resources about Names

If you want to find out about the meaning of your name or want suggest it and we will review it for possible inclusion.

123 Baby
Having trouble finding the right name for your baby? This is the site to visit.
20,000 Names
20,000+ names from around the world for babies, pets, story characters. Look up the meaning of your own name!
Japanese Names
A number of common Japanese boys' names girls' names along with their pronunciation and the meaning of the kanji used to write them.
Baby Names of Ireland
Learn about Gaelic names and hear Frank McCourt explain their pronunciation and meaning.
Behind the Name
The etymology of thousands of names from many languages.
Get your name in Chinese
This tool takes the "essence" of your name and turns it into Chinese. Not quite translation, but interesting.
Meaning of Names
Link collection focusing on names and their meanings.
Omniglot Name Translation Tools
Have your name translated into anything from braille tohieroglyphics!
The Name Machine
Name meanings and popularity statistics.