Useful Resources

Great software tools recommended by the creators of

A.F.5 Bulk File Renamer
Bulk file renaming freeware.
Clipboard Manager Software
Versatile clipboard management freeware.
Easy Thumbnails Software
Bulk thumbnail creator freeware.
FastStone Software
Makers of the Photo Resizer freeware.
Gadwin PrintScreen Software
Versatile screen capture freeware.
Links Assistant Freeware
Great freeware links management tool used to create and manage these links pages.
Photo Filtre
Photo editing freeware.
Shopping Carts
The shopping cart used on this site is powered by ClickTech software.
Protect your inbox with this powerful freeware.
SynchBack Software
Excellent freeware for backing up data.
The Free Site
Something for nothing? That's all there is at the Free Site!
1000s of creative ideas on love, dating and romance
Web2Pic Software
Great freeware for getting screen captures of complete webpages.