Japanese Name Card Instructions
Download the name card template and then follow these step-by-step instructions to make name cards for your students.
1. Enter a student’s name into the Japanese name translator.

2. Click the “What’s my name in Japanese?” button and the name will be translated into katakana.

3. Highlight the Japanese name by holding down the left mouse button while dragging the cursor across the images. Then press CTRL+C to copy.

4. Next open the name card template file you have just downloaded.

5. Click in the center of the side of the name card that has the image on it. (I have chosen a name card with the image of the Japanese lady for Britney’s Japanese name.)

6. Now, press CTRL + V and paste the image of the Japanese name into the name card.

(Don’t worry about the gray table structure you can see on the screen. When you print your name cards out it will not be visible.)

7. Next, add the name of the student in the Roman alphabet so that you be able to remember who this name card belongs to.

8. Complete this process for another three students until all the name cards on the page are complete.

9. Now you are ready to print, so make sure your printer is switched on and then click the printer icon in Word.

10. When your four name cards have been printed, cut along the solid black lines. Then fold down the middle of each along the dotted line so that the name cards can stand up on their own.

11. Repeat this process until you have produced name cards for all the students in your class.