Get your name in Japanese symbols
Meet the Owner

Welcome to! My name is Masaki Takahashi and I own Internet Support, the Japanese company that operates

As you can see from the picture here, I am Japanese - born and raised in Kariya, a town in the central part of Japan near Nagoya. I am Japanese and I write my name in kanji.

In Japanese, we usually put our family names first and our given names last. Just as Western people don't usually think about the meaning of their names, so we Japanese usually do not pay much attention to the meaning of our kanji. Anyway, my surname (Takahashi) literally means "high bridge", and my given name (Masaki) literally means "true happiness".

I would love to be able to create a great kanji combination for your name, whether you need an image for a kanji tattoo, or whether you would like to put it on a beautiful calligraphy scroll.