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Looking for more information about Japanese symbols? Check out our fascinating pages on the history and usage of all three types of Japanese symbol - hiragana, katakana and kanji. You can even learn how to write them with our katakana and hiragana animated writing tutors!

See your name in kanji symbols

Katakana are just one kind of Japanese symbol. Here, you can also download an image of your name in another kind of Japanese symbol called kanji. Our downloads not only include images of these Japanese symbols, but also their pronunciation and meaning and are just $5 each!

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While you are here, why not get your name translated into Japanese symbols called katakana: Just enter your first and last names into the translation tool above, then click the "Go!" button. It's instant and it's free!

Personalized Japanese calligraphy

You can even have your name translated into Japanese symbols and written in flowing calligraphy on a beautiful hanging scroll. Japanese calligraphy scrolls make wonderful romantic gifts and are also great personalized baby gifts. Check out these beautiful, unique gifts that start from just $85!