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This site is also packed with facts about the history and usage of kanji symbols, as well as information about the other Japanese characters - hiragana and katakana.

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You can even have your name translated into kanji symbols and written in flowing calligraphy on a beautiful hanging scroll. Japanese calligraphy scrolls make wonderful romantic gifts and are also perfect for birthdays and other occasions.

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You can download an image of your name in kanji symbols with our kanji name translation service. Kanji symbols are originally from China and are the Japanese characters that Japanese people usually use to write their names. Each kanji symbol has a special pronunciation and a unique meaning. Get your name in kanji symbols here and you will also receive this information about each symbol in your kanji name. You can then use your kanji symbols for a tattoo, or have a print shop put them on a t-shirt or a baseball cap!

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Are you ready to discover what your name is in Japanese? Just enter your first and last names into the translator and hit "Go". Translation into katakana is free and instant. Get your Japanese name translation now!
Kanji symbol tattoos

If you are thinking about getting a kanji symbol tattoo, take a look at the kanji word images in our free kanji ebook "Killer Kanji for Tattoos" and you might find just the one you are looking for!