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Kanji tattoos

Do you want a kanji tattoo of your name? Then download a translation of your name in Japanese kanji symbols in minutes with our kanji name translation service. Each high-quality kanji name image costs just $5!

For anyone thinking of getting Japanese kanji tattoos, this is the place to come. Here, you can rest assured that our kanji name images are both accurate Japanese translations and contain kanji symbols with positive meanings. Print them out for your tattoo artist and get a unique kanji tattoo of your name that you will be happy to live with for the rest of your life.

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Get your name translated into Japanese katakana symbols for free!

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Use this free name translation tool to see your name in katakana characters and then download an image of your name in kanji for your tattoo.

Are you ready to get your name translated into Japanese for your kanji tattoo? Enter your first and last names into the translator above, then click the "Go!" button. It's as easy as that. Get your free katakana name translation now!

Learn about Kanji symbols

This site is also packed with facts about the history and usage of kanji symbols, as well as information about the other Japanese characters - hiragana and katakana.