Get your name in Japanese symbols
Explaining how to pronounce your name

Why should you explain how your name is pronounced?

This page contains information about how to explain the pronunciation of unusual names to ensure your Japanese calligraphy scroll has the kanji characters that reflect the correct pronunciation of your name.

You do not need to do this if your name is already in our kanji names database.

What should you do?

If the name you want on the calligraphy scroll is not in our database and you are concerned that it may be difficult to translate, you should include an explanation of how to pronounce it when entering your order.

You should add your explanation in the final screen of the shopping cart before you are transferred to our secure payment server.


Here is an example of how you might explain the family name Schumacher:

= like the English word “shoe
= as in “Big Mac
= as in the English word “brother

Please note:
  • Only use English words as examples to explain the pronunciation of the name.
  • We will be completely reliant on your explanation when translating the name. You should, therefore, try to ensure it is as clear and unambiguous as possible.
  • We will contact you if we have any questions, although this could result in a delay in delivery.