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You can be sure you will get the best quality at the best prices with the highest levels of personal customer service when you shop with Japanese Name Translation.

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  • "After I had you translate my name and I got the kanji I had three different Japanese girls tell me the meaning without me telling them where I got it.  They all told me exactly what you said the meaning was and they pronounced it for me.  Sounds good, looks good, I am happy." - Joe Gilner (Japan)[Photo]
  • "I found the quality of the fabric etc. excellent. Stephen was fantastic and communication from order to delivery was first class." - D.M. (Cheshire, UK)
  • "Thanks very much for your concern.  The calligraphy scroll arrived in fine shape.  My wife and I are both traveling to North America for the next two weeks so we won't be together on Valentine's Day.  I gave her the gift yesterday morning.  She really liked it.  Thanks for all your help.  Good work, and beautiful work." - Barry (Sweden)
  • "I am very happy with the way you helped me.  I ordered my last name and am very pleased with the promptness, speed, and sincerity from JNT.  Thank you very much for being such awesome help." - Corey Nease (USA)
  • "Thank you for the kanji images. They are spectacular! Once again you have shown that you offer excellent service. I am sure that my brother and my wife will like their gifts. I also downloaded a kanji name image for my daughter, Tia. It will look great on her T-shirt. I'll be ordering more from you, I'm sure, and I will pass your website on to all my friends." - Vasko Vasileski (Macedonia)

  • "Great-looking, interesting gift." - Leonard De Viet (Manitoba, Canada)
  • "Thank you very much for your excellent customer service." - Jesse Godin (Massachusetts, USA)
  • "My boyfriend is very difficult to shop for and he only likes beautiful, interesting things and that's what this is. Nice work and good follow-through." - Jacqueline Vasile (Ontario, Canada)
  • "I really like the way [the kanji] look and I plan on getting the tattoo in the next month. Thanks for all your help." - R.George (Minnesota, USA)
  • "This will make a great tattoo!" - Tobias Tuleby (Sweden)
  • "Once again thank you. We loved the images and are thinking of having them tattooed onto ourselves." - Cynthia Bate (Australia)
  • "It's nice to see a company so concerned about customer satisfaction. That doesn't happen very much anymore." - Cody Wilder (USA)

Customer Feedback Survey Results

Every customer who orders a calligraphy scroll is invited to complete a feedback form to help us improve our service. Here you can see the latest results for 2005 orders:

Scroll Quality
9.8 out of 10
Optional Items
9.1 out of 10
Customer Service
9.9 out of 10