Get your name in Japanese symbols
Using the Free Japanese Name Translation Tool

Don't worry if you don't have Japanese fonts installed:
We use image files to display the katakana characters that make up your name, so you will be able to see your name in Japanese without them!

Your katakana name will be output like this:

Katakana name
First Name       (Dot)      Last Name

If you want your name in kanji, please click here.

You should be able to see small loudspeaker icons displayed under the Japanese characters that make up your name. Click on these to hear the pronunciation.

If these graphics are not displayed please check the following: First, make sure you have a Macromedia Flash Player installed. Then make sure your browser security settings are not too strict. Finally, check your firewall to ensure that it is not blocking these objects.

Use phonetic input if you want a Japanese name translation of a very unusual name. So, if your last name is "Zschech", you could enter it into the Japanese name translator as "Check". Similarly, if your name has a more common variant, you should try that instead to ensure an accurate translation. (Our tests suggest that our Japanese name translator can translate U.S. first names with over 95% accuracy and U.S. family names with over 90% accuracy.)

While the creators of and the Japanese name translation program have made every effort to ensure the quality of the free Japanese name translations we provide, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy. By using the free translation service at you agree not to hold Internet Support liable for any resulting damages of whatever nature, whether direct or indirect.