Get your name in Japanese symbols
Why Get Your Name in Kanji?

You've got your name in katakana now, so why get it in kanji symbols?

Kanji are cool

While katakana are plain and angular, kanji are often complex and detailed. Want your Japanese name to look more impressive? Get kanji!

Kanji have meaning

Just like the alphabet, individual katakana have no meaning: All they do is tell you the sound. Want to have a Japanese name with a unique meaning hiding in the symbols? Get kanji!

Your kanji name is a fashion statement

  • Put it on t-shirts, mugs, bags and many other products here.
  • Get a cool tattoo of your Japanese name.
  • Let them know who just passed them - get a car decal of your Japanese name.
Want to personalize something? Get kanji! is best value

Elsewhere you can pay over $40 for a similar name translation service. Nowhere else on the Internet gives this level of quality and price.